Philips Sonicare 2 Series Rechargeable Toothbrush - After 5 months

I was surprised to see this Sonicare toothbrush under $40 at Amazon a few months ago, and went ahead and bought it.

Sonicare 2 Series


  • Seems to clean pretty well.  Leaves teeth feeling shiny.  Nice to have that fresh from the dentist feeling every morning.
  • My brother has what appears to be pretty much the same model for several years and it's still going, so durability is good.
  • My dental hygienist recommended it.
  • The included brush head is durable and lasts longer than 3 months, at least for me.
  • Comes with a coupon for $4 off replacement brush heads.


  • Replacement brush heads, even with the coupon, cost a lot.  My brother got one of the cheaper knockoff replacement brush heads and I can see little strands of bristles hanging out.  (not frayed, but almost falling out)  So I'm going to wait for a deal on the genuine ones.
  • The included brush head is pretty small in comparison to your average manual toothbrush, perhaps 60% of the size.  You can buy bigger (and softer) ones.
  • The instructions say to brush for 2 minutes on the fronts and backs of your teeth, but neglect to mention the chewing surfaces - probably the most important part of your teeth to brush!
  • After a few uses, it changes from a "gentle" introductory mode to a more "powerful" mode.  It is quite a bit more powerful, and I wish I could change it back.  Even the gentle mode is too much for my girlfriend, who promptly said she's never going to use it, and will stick with her manual Colgate 360 brush.


  • You don't (and probably shouldn't) press down when brushing with this brush - it might harm your enamel.  (and will wear out the head faster)
  • All Sonicares are basically the same unit, with fancier and possibly unnecessary features at the high end.  The higher end ones are thinner and lighter though.

Overall, recommended at this price.  There's currently a $10-off coupon at Amazon, so you can get it for $29.95 now.

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