Catholic Holy Days of Obligation Calendar 2015

I created a Catholic Holy Days of Obligation calendar for the year 2015, which you can download at:

Catholic Holy Days of Obligation calendar for 2015 (.ICS file, suitable for importing into iCal or Outlook).

It's based on's list of Holy Days of Obligation by Scott P. Richert.  Again this year, it also includes embedded links, so you can read more about each Holy Day.  And it includes reminders the day prior to each event.  This year, I used Maru's iCal event maker to create the calendar in about 10 minutes.  Really quick and easy!  If you find any errors, please let me know.

Building an OpenStack Cluster in VirtualBox

I had quite a time trying to get VirtualBox to work with OpenStack, and still haven't fully figured it out.  I can't ping the outside world, nor can I ping between the instances yet.  I'm hoping this article I just found will help.

One key point is, you have to create host only connections via Settings > Network for each OpenStack instance you create.  These host only connections provide an internal network between your host and the virtual machine instances.  Here's an example, from the link above:

VirtualBox OpenStack Network Diagram