In Defense of BMW Drivers

A perfectly nice fellow, I'm sure, goes and writes this:

... BMW drivers are bar none, the worst around. They have managed to achieve that elusive combination of disdain, money, attitude, disregard for others, and self-importance that no other drivers have. BMW drivers don't just not care about you … they HATE you. They hate having to share the road with any other driver. They hate those who drive what they consider sub-standard cars (i.e. any car not costing over $40,000) ... They are the scum of the earth, and are truly deserving the title of the worst drivers around. If you want to have fun, do yourself a favor and cut a BMW driver off without acknowledging him. Then when he honks his horn or gesticulates at you, give him the bird. The audacity of your display will send him into a rage the likes of which will provide you with hours of enjoyment as you recall how many shades of purple his face became as he cursed you out for soiling his planet with your existence. 

He's not alone in his opinion.  It's a worn-out stereotype.  Perhaps I've been lucky, but I've been driving for many years, and don't think it's justified.

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)
I don't drive a BMW, but see a lot of them on my commute.

The ones I've encountered are courteous and respectful.  Three examples:
  • Just the other day, one guy in a BMW stopped traffic to allow me to make a left turn, when nobody else would let me in.
  • I know a BMW driver.  He's an Indian small business owner in his 50s, and works very hard.  He's not a lawyer or investment banker, but so what if he was?  He drives courteously, parks correctly, and is an all-around good guy.
  • I know another BMW driver.  He's in his 60s and works in sales.  We met when he backed into my car, causing over $2000 worth of damage.  But we exchanged insurance info and he was a perfect gentleman about it.  (He was also helpful to his insurance company in making sure I was paid in full to get it fixed.)
So world, next time you're tempted to demonize BMW drivers, try getting to know a few of them first.  (Hopefully not by having one of them crash into you.)  They're not all bad.

Got any stories of BMW drivers doing things you wouldn't expect BMW drivers to do?  Post in the comments.

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