Aldi's $169 Memory Foam Mattress

Aldi 8" Memory Foam Mattress in a Box
Bought the last one at my local Aldi for $169 last night.  Queen size.

  • Manufacturer is Soft-Tex, brand is Sensorpedic, inside an Aldi St. Cloud box.
  • Made in China, which is disappointing, but there are positive reviews on SlickDeals and FatWallet.
  • Chemical smell is mild; you have to put your nose up to it to smell anything.  Nothing like the Sealy mattresses at Costco that I could smell from 5 feet away.  Still, am going to let it air out for a few days.
  • Bed hasn't fully decompressed yet -- takes 3-6 days for that depending on room temperature -- but seems fairly firm and comfortable so far.

Was amazed to see it at Aldi after almost getting the Spa Sensations mattress at Walmart the same day - at a higher price.

Aldi has a 30-day return policy.  Bed has a 20 year warranty.  Hopefully won't need to use either one.


  • Box says 8" height. Actual height is 7.75" after 6 days of decompression.
  • Like most foam mattresses, including Tempur-Pedic, it's not one solid piece of foam.  This one from Aldi is 4.75" of solid foam topped by 3" of low-density memory foam.
  • Everyone sleeps differently, but for me, this bed took a week to get start getting used to, and a month to fully settle in.  Am normally a side-sleeper, and woke up as achy as my previous mattress for the first few nights.  If I sleep on my back, it's fine.

Any questions?  Post in the comments.

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