Grocery Shopping Apps Compared

Why not use pen & paper?  I was sick of:

  • Unreadable paper lists
  • Forgetting the list
  • Trying to find a pen
  • No room to add new items
  • Not being able to cross off items one-handed

Would an iPhone app work better?  Let's compare three of the most popular:

Groceries GroceryIQ ShopShop
Time to Open 2.2s 2.4s 1.2s
Time to Enter 4 Letter Item 5.2s 5s 3s
Time to Enter Item from
Faves / History
2.4s 1.5s 1.4s
Email List Yes Yes Yes
Pre-filled Item Database Yes Yes No
Track Prices No Yes No
Scans Barcodes No Yes No
Multiple Lists Yes Yes Yes
Sort by Aisle Auto Auto Manual
Coupons No Yes No
Ads No Yes No
Download Cost $2.99 Free Free
iPhone 3GS (avg of 3 runs, cold start), iOS 4.1, Groceries 2.2.2, GroceryIQ 2.04, ShopShop 3.07

Groceries app
Groceries by Sophia Teutschler
Groceries is gorgeous - the best looking shopping app in the store.  Clearly a lot of time was put into the art.  But it's slow in day-to-day operation.  After you type in the item you want, the tiny add button is awkwardly located on the far left side, making it hard to add the item when holding the phone in your right hand.  B-

GroceryIQ app
GroceryIQ by Coupons Inc.

GroceryIQ has some neat features, like built-in coupons, a field to enter prices, and a bar-code scanner. (if you want to look like a total geek while shopping)  But it also has ads.  Speed is improved slightly from previous versions, but it's still not as fast as ShopShop.  B

ShopShop app
ShopShop by Nikolaj Schumacher
ShopShop - the speed king.  The biggest, most readable fonts.  The most items shown per screen.  To sort by aisle, drag items up & down.  It doesn't have a big slow database of thousands of items to lookup from.  Instead, it uses your history.  For me, it's fast, free, and perfect.  A

Do you use a shopping app?  Post it in the comments.

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